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Changes in size of the stretch reflex of cat and man attributed to aftereffects in muscle spindles. Effect of continued stretching of the affected arm in patients with cerebrovascular diseases by examining H-reflex characteristics. Oddsson LI, Sundqvist A. The course of motor unit twitch in dependence on muscle stretching force. Non-pharmacological pain-relieving therapies in individuals with spinal cord injury: Differences in human antagonistic ankle dorsiflexor coactivation between legs; can they explain the moment deficit in the weaker plantarflexor leg?

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Muscular mechanical hyperalgesia revealed by behavioural pain test and c-Fos expression in the spinal dorsal horn after eccentric contraction in rats.

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Upper Peripheral Nervous System Examination

Effects of sequential connective tissue massage on autonomic nervous system of middle-aged and elderly adults. Cognitive behavioural components in physiotherapy management of chronic whiplash associated disorders WAD --a randomised group study. Short and long latency reflexes in human muscles following electrical and mechanical stimulation. Interaction between transient change in local muscle structure and segmented leg motor responses. The effect of prolonged static and cyclic stretching on ankle joint stiffness, torque relaxation, and gait in people with stroke. Webbproduktion av Forss Webservice AB.

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