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It is also able to hybridise with silver maple A. The species also grows rapidly after fire however when fire is suppressed it is out competed by A. Some individuals have been known to survive to years of age. Acer rubrum can be wind or insect pollinated and provides an important source of pollen to pollen-dependent insects Nesom   The suppression of fire has meant that A. The species population is assumed to be large due to its wide distribution. Acer rubrum can persist on a wide variety of soil types but performs best on moist, loamy soils.

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In the future the species may be threatened by climate change which may reduce the amount of suitable habitat for the species, resulting in a distribution change or potentially increased species mortality Potter and Hargrove , Iverson et al.

Forests & Invasive Pests, Plants, & Diseases

Acer rubrum is highly susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases. In a few sites  A. Infestation of this pest can cause mortality however the impact this is having on natural, forest stands of Acer rubrum is not known. It can be found in both dry and wet sites, along rivers and lakes, in marshes and swamps and even on sandy plains, dunes and rocky mountain slopes. Its wood also makes good saw timber and pulpwood Tirmenstein The species is native to all regions of the United States east of the 95th meridian, with three exceptions: A study by Potter and Hargrove  suggested a decline of


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