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A regional downslope wind whose source is so cold that it is experienced as a cold wind, despite compression warming as it descends the lee slope of a mountain range. The height above ground of the center of the radar beam using the tilt, or scan, that contains the highest elevation where reflectivities greater than 18 dBZ can be detected. By international agreement, the local time at the prime meridian, which passes through Greenwich, England. The flood protection level should be no more than 2 or 3 feet above the top of the foundation because the buildings walls and floors cannot withstand the pressure of deeper water. The term "cell" also is used to describe the radar echo returned by an individual shower or thunderstorm. AU - The mean earth-sun distance, equal to 1.

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Usually the idea is to control peak flow for later release.

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Waves that break, displaying white water. These conditions are expected to prevail for a minimum of 3 hours. An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure in which a needle, attached to the top of an evacuated box, is deflected as changes in atmospheric pressure cause the top of the box to bend in or out. The unstable boundary layer that forms at the surface and grows upward through the day as the ground is heated by the sun and convective currents transfer heat upwards into the atmosphere. The height of their bases range from as low as 1, feet to a bit more than 10, feet. In solar-terrestrial terms, dark gaseous ejections visible in H-alpha.

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